About Me and This Blog

on Thursday, February 27, 2014
Hey internet besties! Was that too upbeat? Too casual? Just right? I'm going for a desperate housewife meets trendy mom kinda feel here, even though I myself am 18 years old and a man. Now i'm sounding too creep-next-door... scratch all that. Anyways, hello! My name is Adam and my middle name is Chayce. (Hence the blog name "adamchayce", catchy right?) I live in Utah with my mom and brother, and i'm currently counting down the days until I leave for college. Now you're probably asking "Why did you make this blog?" or you're most likely thinking your own thoughts, because that's what people tend to do. I made this blog in hopes of getting in touch with my inner self a.k.a. a hip, relatable soccer mom. I plan on doing reviews on products, how-to's, d.i.y. stuff, fashion, the whole shabang. Maybe you have a blog too and that's why you're reading this and now we can become "blog buddies" and send each other recipes and follow each other on pinterest. Questions, comments, pictures of your dog all are appreciated on this blog, so send away! Thank you.    - adamchayce